Having a terrific service provider profile is the first introduction to potential clients. How do you make your profile great, and stick out from the crowd? Here are some tips and tricks for getting your profile professional and polished.

  1. Be complete. Fill in all areas of your profile; don't leave any questions or fields blank unless they do not apply to you. Half finished profiles could make it look like you don't care enough to finish it and users may scroll right on past. 
  2. Have a great user profile image. Get a great. clear head shot of you, or a terrific action shot of you in your sport, or use a high quality version of your business logo.

    unclear profile image better profile image sample professional image example business logo sample

  3. Set your availability and location(s). Nothing is more frustrating than getting excited about your style and method, only to find out later that schedules don't jive.
  4. Set your pricing in fairness with your ability, experience, and check out the local market rates. You may be well above them (or too far below) so if you're high, just make sure it's clear why you are so awesome and totally worth it. If less, value is perceived so take that into consideration.
    **coming soon** our optimized pricing algorithm that will help you to maximize your rates for the demand and maximize your profits! 
  5. Discuss your method. What kind of trainer/coach/teacher etc. are you? Are you a "drop and give me 20, maggot!" or a "that's ok honey, try harder, you can do it!" type? Talk about it, show it in videos and pictures, so that clients can see what you do best. The goal is to get a client, and make them stick around to get healthy and reach their goals. If they're not happy, they won't stay. We want them to stay. 
  6. State your preferred method of communication. For example, if you never check emails, then let athletes know the best way to reach you. 
  7. Be responsive. Communicate. Quickly respond and get back to inquiries as soon as possible and be polite and professional.