We take your safety concerns very seriously. We have instituted a number of safety protocols to keep you and/or your children safe while using CoachList. 

  • Every sports service provider who registers on CoachList is validated by their identification, and to NOT be on any criminal, sexual predator databases. 
  • System of verified reviews by former and current athletes and customers
  • additional full-scan background checks are available as well. Anyone may request one completed on one of our sports service providers (SSPs), as well as any SSP may initiate one for themselves. Check each SSP's profile for further information. 

In addition, we've developed a checklist of best practices to help ensure your safety:

Before meeting: 

  • Do your research - our Instructors are given space on their profiles to discuss their philosophies and training styles, 
  • Read their feedback and reviews. Please note: just because a Service Provider (Instructor, Teacher, Coach) is new to CoachList doesn't mean that he or she is new to teaching! Get to know them through other methods if there aren't yet a lot of reviews on a new service provider. 
  • Check their social media and do a google search
  • Ask other CoachList members for validation 
  • Find out where you'll be meeting and scout the location first. Is it well lit, publicly accessible, and are there other people around? If you are not comfortable with the location, speak to your coach/instructor about other locations. 

Setting up your first in-person meeting: 

  • Let people in your personal life know where  you will be (time, location, who you're meeting)
  • If meeting a trainer or instructor for a one on one session(s), meet first in a public location to introduce yourselves. If something feels too uncomfortable, then don't continue with the lesson(s). 
  • Verify your meeting location and if possible that the coach or trainer has used this facility before. 

Your training session(s)

  • Arrive on time and ready to begin
  • Don't bring valuables other than what's needed to your session(s) or lock them away securely. 
  • Never walk to your car alone without paying attention to your surroundings. Don't check your phone or walk to your car reading your emails and make yourself an easy target. 
  • If your trainer or coach is pushing you far beyond your physical limitations, don't injure yourself. Allow them to push you to maximize your workout but only you know the level of pain you can tolerate and whether the movements are going too far. 
  • Leave reviews for others after your session. 
  • Let us know here at CoachList if you have any reason for concern. 

CoachList service providers will (coming soon!) be covered under a $1MM policy for bookings completed through the CoachList platform.