All types! All ages! All abilities and levels! Seriously. From Little League to vying for a spot in the Majors, from getting in shape for the five year old that keeps you on toes to running a marathon, from camps, clinics, fitness centers, gyms, and more, CoachList offers something for anyone who is looking to improve their game. We have over 600 different types of fitness genres. You can try out a personal trainer for one or many sessions, book classes at local fitness centers, or participate in a clinic or camp. Get to know an instructor before selecting one by looking at their individual profiles and learning more about their style and methods. 

And Parents of athletes, we are here for you too. Trusting your child's safety as well as matching personalities in types of motivational and training levels of intensity you and your child(ren) are after, you'll find them on CoachList. 

CoachList also offers other sport service providers as well. Sports therapy, sports psychology, nutrition all relate to our health and well being and directly impact our physical fitness.