To get more clients, you must 

Here is how you get Consumers to book sessions with you::

1. Complete your profile on as the sport or fitness category or categories you want to be searchable in. 

- be sure to add pictures of you, as well as pictures of your training location(s), equipment, and videos of you in action! 

- depict your "style" of training to potential clients - are you are a nurturer type of instructor or a hard-core motivator? Tell - or better yet - show on video, how your instruct, and let consumers decide if they are a fit for your style of training 

- be sure to let them know about how long you've been playing AND instructing, any awards you've won, certifications you've earned, or any other related accolades you have that set you apart from any other instructor 

- check local prices to see if your prices fall within the averages and if they are higher let potential clients know why paying more for your skills will help them 

- add training locations to show the distances and where you're willing to meet to train 

2. Fill out your calendar work availability, such as M-F 8am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.

3. Sync up an outside calendar [such as a work or personal google claendar or Outlook] to block off unavailable times during the week

4. Refer your clients and friends and potential customers to sign up to your lessons through our site for payment simplicity and start earning Rewards Points!